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TAUCO now developed a Foldable Houses system which being engineered to be transportable and making local authority approval easy, which allows us to offer steel framed structures at reasonable prices.

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TAUCO Foldable Houses


TAUCO Foldable Houses allow floor range from 3X5.8m to 6.7x11.8m with wall height of 2440mm, and could be made up to 3000mm high.
Transportable homes usually require huge planning and cost for the end user. We greatly reduce this problem and cost. It’s good for tight spots. We can also complete offsite and truck onto site.
These TAUCO Foldable Houses change the rule of games in the affordable housing supplying.
We make it possible for our smaller models to be moved again at a later date. This also means that caravan park owners can install cabins without the huge transport costs.
Time saving - generally we can complete the cabin within 2 weeks onsite depending on delivery method.


Floor Plan


Building materials

1. RHS floor structure based on engineer's design.
2. External & Internal wall Frame: AS1397 89mm*41 mm*0.75mm G55O, High tensile Steel wall frames, with full assembly details incorporating a simple coding system enabling easy construction, both side with 10mm fiber cement sheet
3. 89mm*41 mm*0.75mm G550, High tensile Steel roof trusses & associated roof members, ready to assemble & attach to external walls with all fixings & detailed set-out plans.
4. Steel Batten 22 mm steel roof battens & batten 22mm steel ceiling battens
5. High tensile colored Mg-Al roof sheets in 1.00mm thickness, gable flashings, ridge capping, valleys, barge capping & all fixings if applicable.
6. Wall cladding: 8mm fiber cement board as cladding
7. Interior lining: 8mm fiber cement board
8. Aluminum sliding windows & sliding doors including standard fly screens to Australian Standards and as per plan specifications in black color.
9. Glass wool R2.5 to main roof area unless otherwise specified.
10. Glass wool R3.5 breathable insulations to all exterior walls & gable ends if applicable
11. Entrance door- Aluminum sliding door
12. Bathroom door -alum, door with steel frame and weather seal
13. Internal doors- plywood interior door.
14. e/FC floor panel
15. Flooring: 9mm laminated flooring
16. Cornering: 90mm coved plasterboard cornice
17. Skirting – MDF skirting
18. Robe & Linen cupboard support – gypsum board cornering.
19. 9mm gypsum board ceiling
20. 8mm e/FC soffit lining
21. All P/C items: toilet, shower and washbasin w/mirror
22. Power points as per plan
23. Joinery as per plan

The above materials are just for reference, different designs different materials.
Please contact sales for more information.

Items not included
1. Site works - site clearing or cutting and rubbish removal.
2. Council fees and lodgments of plans.
3. External and internal stairs and balustrade.
4. All on site construction and labor.

TAUCO Foldable House Solutions are based on a teamwork of Light Gauge Steel Design, Engineering, Logistics and Certifications

History of R & D

After 8 years of R&D and practice, TAUCO developed a Foldable Prefab House system that is being engineered to be transportable and make local authority approval easier, which allows us to offer light gauge steel framed structures at reasonable prices. The solutions include teamwork in innovative Light Gauge Steel Design, Engineering, Logistics and Certification.

TAUCO foldable houses are 60-70% finished in the factory before delivery, in which the structure is completely assembled, wall panel, roof and ceiling, door and windows are installed, and electric wiring and plumbing are embedded.

Transportable homes usually require massive planning and cost for the end user. We significantly reduce this problem and cost. It’s suitable for tight spots. We can also complete offsite and truck onto the site.


•Floor range: from 3X5.8m to 6.7x11.8m with a wall height of 2440mm up to 2750mm
•Finished within one or two weeks onsite, depending on the delivery, equipments and tools
•Reliable, durable and comfortable
•Consistent and accurate
•Seismic and fire resistant
•Insulated and safety

Transportation and onsite assembly


Building Systems and Materials

Steel Coil for LGS framing and truss


LGS wall panel: AS1397 AZ150 G550 89mm*41mm*0.75mm cold formed steel, pre-assembled


LGS Roof Truss: AS1397 AZ150 G550 89mm*41mm*0.75mm cold formed steel, Pre-assembled

LGS Roof Truss: AS1397 AZ150 G550 89mm*41mm*0.75mm  cold formed steel, Pre-assembled

Foldable subfloor structure, 100mm SHS/RHS with LGS and insulation, Pre-assembled


Insulation: rock wool in the wall, floor and roof system


Building paper for wall and roof


Wall Cladding

TAUCO Insulating Weatherboard System or other option

The TAUCO Weatherboard system is a PU or Rockwool insulated aluminium profile weatherboard, with PVDF colour coated to be used over timber framing or light gauge steel framing as an exterior cladding system.
TAUCO Weatherboard can be installed horizontally or vertically.


 E2 VM1 test report & certificate available
 Durable – low maintenance and fast installation
 Performance inclusive of wind speed of 55m/s
 NASH STANDARD compliant
 Superior weathertightness
 High impact resistance
 Free of harmful chemicals
 Reduce energy use

Drainage Cavity Batten / Cavity Batten


Cavity Closer


TAUCO Cavity Batten
Galvanized Batten Section
Dimension: 12x21x65x21x12mm
1.0mm BMT G550 steel

TAUCO Al-Mg Roof

TAUCO Al-Mg Roof is a premium roll-formed tray profile using 1.0MM BMT 5052 Aluminium coil with PVDF coating.
With TAUCO Thermal Clips, thermal expansion and cold contraction will not damage the roof panel at the screws fixing position. With the electric seaming machines, once correctly installed, the TAUCO Al-Mg Roof System has excellent weathertightness.

Profile Information

TAUCO Al-Mg Roof is available in a variety of widths with rib heights available from 25mm to 45mm.
We offer 420 pan widths as our most cost effective widths for manufacture and installation. Please consult with us for alternative tray sizing. Typical TAUCO Al-Mg 420 Roof Panel Dimensions after seaming, as shown below:


TAUCO Al-Mg Roof & Purlin


TAUCO Roof Purlin / Tophat
Galvanized Tophat Section
Dimension: 25x60x32x60x25mm
1.0mm BMT G550 steel


Dimension: 8x35x30x35x8mm
0.6mm BMT

Roofing: Fascia / Flashing

Mg-Aluminium or Colorsteel


Soffit: 6mm enhanced fibre cement board, medium density
There are other options.

With testing reports according to AS and under the LGS BS Certificate


10-50mm XPS on exterior wall stud:

With testing reports according to AS and under the LGS BS Certificate


Ceiling Batten, Ceiling and Wall lining

9mm normal plaster board for ceiling and wall lining in dry area
9mm water resistant plaster board for ceiling and wall lining in wet area


Ceramic tile for wet area wall finishing


Skirting for dry area: 80mm Height Plywood Skirting


Floor – 15mm enhanced fiber cement panel as floor panel


12mm laminated flooring (MDF) - Dry area


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