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PP Drainage Batten (Can Install Both Horizontal and Vertical. )

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PP TAUCO Drainage Batten is a structure cavity batten. Waterproofed materials.

Cavity Battens System is an important element of house structure to protect structural framing from moisture, and allow airflow for drying. TAUCO Drainage Batten are batter drainage and structure cavity batten system for use with any weatherboards.

Dimension: 46x18mm

Lenth: 2400mm

★ Light Weight

★ Good for both horizontal & vertical intallation

★ Good for cavity closer

★ East to use and fit for the most purpose

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PP TAUCO drainage battens featuring a unique combination of waterproofing materials and drainage board installation technology, this product is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your home's structural frame while providing the necessary airflow for effective drying.

As an integral part of a cavity batten system, PP TAUCO drainage battens play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and durability of any building. Moisture can wreak havoc on a home’s structural integrity, causing rot, mold, and rot. With our drainage slat systems, you can say goodbye to these problems once and for all.

Our drainage battens measure 46x18mm and are available in 2400mm lengths and are designed to suit a variety of building requirements. Whether you require vertical or horizontal installation, PP TAUCO drainage slats are flexible to meet your specific needs. Its lightweight nature increases ease of installation, making it a top choice among builders and homeowners.

Additionally, our drainage slats act as excellent cavity sealers. By creating a barrier between the exterior weatherboard and internal structure, it effectively prevents moisture from entering while allowing optimal airflow for natural drying. The balance between moisture management and ventilation is critical to the overall health of any building.

PP TAUCO drainage panels are the ultimate solution for structural protection and moisture management. With its waterproof material, batter-drainage design and compatibility with any weatherboard, it offers unrivaled performance in protecting your building from moisture-related issues. Experience the benefits of using drainage battens in your construction and landscaping projects with our innovative drainage batten installation technology. Trust the Best Drainage Board Manufacturer in the Industry – Choose PP TAUCO Drainage Boards for your next project.

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