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TAUCO Mg-Aluminium Insulating Weatherboard System

Short Description:

The TAUCO Weatherboard system is an PU insulated aluminium profile weatherboard, colour coated to be used over timber framing or light gauge steel framing as an exterior cladding system, for use in wind zones up to and including Extra High as defined by NZS3604. The system consists of proprietary 10 to 50 mm XPS RAB glue or washer & screw fixed to the face of the exterior light gauge steel frame or the XPS RAB as an option fixed to timber frame wall can be installed with tape applied to the XPS board joints, once completed this is then followed by NZBC Compliant Cavity Batten and Building Wrap.

Product Detail

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TAUCO Weatherboard can now be installed horizontally or vertically to the prepared external walls, starting with a starter strip screw fixed in place and aluminium fixtures screw fitted to the external and internal corners. Aluminium fixtures are used to complete the TAUCO Weatherboard system to the Window and soffit areas.


TAUCO Weatherboard comes in colours made to order with PVDF coated or PVDF laminated film, with an aluminium exterior panel, PU foam interior, and an aluminium backing foil. The weatherboard holds a number of attributes including insulation resistance. It is supplied in the following board sizes and R-Values, shown below as an individual component and as a complete typical building system.

Product Scope of Use

The TAUCO Weatherboard system has been designed for use as a cladding system within the
following scope:
Attached directly to new timber frame or over a cavity system, designed and constructed in accordance with NZS 3604:2011 or NASH STANDARD - RESIDENTIAL AND LOW-RISE STEEL FRAMING, PART 1-3, designed and constructed in accordance with, situated in wind zones up and including very high, when incorporating the specified cavity system, and up to medium when direct fix, as per NZS 3604 Building Wind Zones, as well as a building height limitation of 10 metres.

Product Limitations

TAUCO Weatherboard system can be installed in both the horizontal and vertical plains. But in areas defined in C3 - Fire affecting areas beyond the fire source, the specific fire designs need to be approved by local BCA (Building Consent Authorities); then, the TAUCO Weatherboard system can be used.
Thermal resistance depends on the overall mix of products of the entire wall construction and consequently calculations must be carried out to determine the entire wall R-value. The TAUCO Weatherboard is supplied in maximum 12.0m lengths, walls greater than the maximum length will require a vertical control joint installed from top to bottom of the wall section.
All objects to be fixed to the face of the TAUCO Weatherboard just are back-blocked to carry the weight of the fixture and its intended use. Maximum weight without back blocking is 1kg. The TAUCO Weatherboard system shall be installed only by trained and approved applicators.

● E2 VM1 FaçadeLab test report & certificate available
● Durable – low maintenance and fast installation
● R-value 0.69-0.87, good thermal Break for steel frame
● Performance inclusive of wind speed of 55m/s or SED
● NASH STANDARD compliant
● Superior weathertightness
● High impact resistance
● Free of harmful chemicals
● Reduce energy use

Weatherboard 1 2 3


The all flat panel has an R-value of 0.87. In a shaping forum, the narrow area has an R-value of 0.69.
BEAL R-value Test Results for TAUCO Weatherboard: Average 0.87


FaçadeLab E2/VM1 – Weathertightness and Facade Testing, horizontal and vertical with different flashings and corners


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